The yPredict presale has raced past the $2 million milestone as buyers rush to invest in the AI-powered trading and analytics platform.

YPRED tokens, which power the project through a tiered subscription model, are currently on sale for $0.09 but will still increase in price by a further 33.3 when the project reaches its final presale stage.

The platform supplies AI-powered trading insights, predictive models, and trading tools and has been developed by a group of professional traders, quants, AI experts, and software developers.

yPredict has also just launched a new product that will see the platform expand beyond just crypto analytics and trading tools.

AI-Powered Trading Gives Users an Edge

Crypto and stock market trading have become increasingly powered by algorithms and machines in recent years.

yPredict will allow its users to access the very best predictive models that have been developed by artificial intelligence experts, with the platform also using AI to provide a wide range of data, insights, and metrics.


The platform will allow its users to make smarter decisions when trading and maximize their earning potential.

yPredict will be able to auto-detect 100+ chart patterns, provide an overview of sentiment in the market having scanned social media and automatically test hundred of technical indicators.

It will also analyze transactions and tick data for assets and develop metrics to provide data-driven insights.

Furthermore, financial scientists can also offer their predictive models and signals to other users, with yPredict acting as a marketplace for retail traders to purchase products offered by developers.


More than 20,000 people have already put their names on the waiting list.

The platform will be free and open to all, although there will be two paid tiers where premium members get access to enhanced features by staking YPRED.

yPredict, which is built on the super-fast and efficient layer-2 network Polygon, also has a robust staking mechanism and incorporates play-to-earn and learn-to-earn elements to keep its community engages.

Users can wager on token prices and also complete learning modules to earn YPRED as a reward.

yPredict Launches New AI Content Editor

The platform has just announced it is launched a self-hosted content solution product designed for medium to large content teams.

It will compete with the likes of SurferSEO and wants to help streamline content creation and enhance productivity.


The content editor will allow administrators to easily add or remove new users and editors to assign tasks.

It also utilizes AI in the content editor that offers suggestions to include the quality and structure of the work, based on things such as word length, list, and images, as well as providing analysis on top-ranking keywords to help users optimize for search engine visibility.

The yPredict content editor also incorporates a built-in scoring system to evaluate the quality of the work that also includes a ChatGPT detection feature to ensure integrity.

Raj Sharma, CEO of said:

“We are thrilled to introduce our expanded product lineup, which goes beyond the scope of crypto analytics and caters to a broader range of industries.

“Our content solution addresses the needs of content teams by simplifying their workflow, harnessing the power of AI, and delivering valuable insights for creating engaging and optimized content.”

Does the YPRED Presale Have Big Potential?

Crypto analysts, such as Jacob Crypto Bury, believe the token has huge potential, given its wide utility and robust tokenomics.

The project has a max supply of 100 million tokens, with 80 of those available to purchase through eight presale rounds.


Now in stage 6, tokens are priced at $0.09, but after the presale ends will list for $0.12 – a price increase of 33.3

The project has a hard cap of around $6.5 million, with the remaining tokens split between exchange liquidity (10), development (5), and the project’s treasury (5).

yPredict has already secured a listing with leading exchange Bitmart, with others expected to follow in the near future.

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