The Solana network experienced a forking event early Saturday morning New York time that throttled users’ ability to execute transactions.

According to Solana Explorer, the network was processing about 93 transactions per second near 2:00 AM east coast time, well below the network’s rate near 5000 TPS some 15 minutes prior. Such low throughput was preventing users of Solana from conducting effectively any on-chain activity, from trading to transferring assets.

It was not immediately clear what caused the “long forking event,” two validator operators told CoinDesk. Validator operators and representatives from Solana Foundation as well as Solana Labs are coordinating a response, the pseudonymous SolBlaze, who runs a staking service, said.

“To be clear, Solana network is still confirming blocks, but validators are at risk of running out of memory to do so until the root cause of the forking is determined,” said SolBlaze in a message on Discord.

In a Discord channel established to coordinate efforts, validators and Solana engineers were discussing a range of options, including a potential network restart or a software downgrade. They had not reached consensus by press time.