Google Cloud is now an official validator for the layer-2 blockchain Polygon (MATIC) proof-of-stake (POS) network.

Polygon Labs says that Google Cloud now joins more than 100 other validators in securing the Ethereum (ETH) scaling solution’s network.


The project notes that “high-quality, trusted, security-minded validators like Google Cloud provide an added layer of security” for Polygon users.

Polygon isn’t the first project Google Cloud is serving as a validator for. In October 2022, the cloud computing platform announced it was running a validator node on the Solana (SOL) blockchain to help support the network.

That same month, Google Cloud also rolled out its Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node-hosting service designed for web3 organizations.

Ethereum was the first chain supported by the Blockchain Node Engine.

Google Cloud and Polygon Labs first started collaborating in April, when they announced “a multi-year strategic alliance to accelerate adoption of core Polygon protocols.”

In June, Polygon Labs announced that the founders and researchers of the blockchain have submitted a proposal that will enable the transition to Polygon 2.0, which aims to make the project the “value layer of the internet.”

The transition, if approved, will upgrade the project’s native MATIC token and rename it to POL.

MATIC is trading at $0.527 at time of writing. The 14th-ranked crypto asset by market cap is up 1.68 in the past 24 hours.