Remilia Corporation’s Creative Director and Artist, Sprite Bonkler, has announced that Remilia’s co-founders have filed a lawsuit against one of Milady’s founders, Charlotte Fang, and the Delaware Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

Charlotte has been accused of orchestrating a plan to take over Remilia’s functions, resources, and a vast collection of important digital assets.

Allegations Against Charlotte Fang

Remilia Corporation’s co-founders, the DAO behind the Milady Maker NFT, have made allegations against one of Milady’s founders, Charlotte Fang. Fang, also known as Krishna Okhandiar, has allegedly schemed to gain control of Remilia’s operations, assets, and collection of valuable digital assets.

They claim that before they had issued their formal complaint, Fang had already misappropriated digital assets worth more than $600,000 from the venture’s treasury and began asserting unilateral control over operations and assets through several Delaware LLCs that they had established.