The BRICS coalition is moving closer to adding more countries to its alliance, according to one of its main members.

Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva says BRICS is already looking at proposals from several other countries looking to join the group.


BRICS, which was set up by emerging economies to create an alternative to US dollar hegemony, is currently made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, now with more nations on its doorstep.

President Lula was standing beside Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro as he said that he was open to welcoming Venezuela into BRICS upon discussing it at an upcoming summit in South Africa.

“It’s the first BRICS meeting in which I will participate after eight years. There are several proposals from other countries that want to join the BRICS. We are going to discuss this. Because it does not depend on the will of Brazil, it depends on the will of us all. We are going to discuss this. If there is an official request, this request will be officially taken to the BRICS and there will we decide. And if you ask me, I am in favor of it.”

African Ambassador Anil Sooklal recently said more than a dozen nations from Africa, Latin America and Asia are looking to become new members.

“So far, a number of countries (at least 13) from Africa, Latin America and Asia have applied or formally approached the BRICS leaders to become members of our association.

This is positive news for the bloc, as it demonstrates the confidence of the global south in the leadership of our association.”