The meme coin market has taken a hit in recent weeks, with most tokens suffering double-digit value drops.

Investors are now looking elsewhere for returns potential, given the current state of meme coin stalwarts like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

However, despite this red wave, several tokens are withstanding the tide and producing stellar results – providing a glimmer of hope for meme coin enthusiasts.

Waning Enthusiasm Hits the Meme Coin Market Hard

Data from CoinMarketCap reveals that total meme coin trading volume is down by 17 over the past day – highlighting the lack of excitement around these crypto assets.

Individual trading volumes are down across the board, with the main culprits being $DOGE, $SHIB, $PEPE, and $FLOKI. All four of these tokens have seen waning interest over the past week – with $DOGE being the only one providing signs of a reversal.


Meme coins seem to be following the market trajectory set by big players like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both of these coins have posted losses in the past few days, dragging down their peers.

Moreover, the buzz around the meme coin niche has mostly faded with the dramatic fall of popular tokens like $PEPE and $WOJAK.

Investors in these coins have opted to cash in rather than wait for price to bounce back – leading to the dramatic value drops experienced in recent weeks.

Finally, there has also been an evident lack of innovation within the space since the breakthrough of Pepe in mid-April. Although many copycat coins have entered the fray, none were able to match Pepe’s impact, prompting investors to return to more established cryptos.

All told, these factors paint a bleak picture for the meme coin niche in the short term.

Wall Street Memes Ignites Hope After Raising $2.7 Million

Fortunately, several projects have begun to gain traction over the past week – with investors hopeful that they can spark the meme coin market back into life.

Leading the way in this regard is Wall Street Memes ($WSM), a brand-new meme coin from the creators of the ultra-successful Wall St Bulls NFT collection.

In 2021, this NFT collection made headlines when it sold out all 10,000 pieces in 32 minutes and raised $2.5 million.

According to OpenSea, 1,864 ETH worth of these NFTs have been traded since the collection launched – equating to over $3.5 million based on today’s exchange rate.


This collection’s incredible success led to the formation of a colossal community around Wall Street Memes, evidenced by the 523,000+ “degens” that follow the official Instagram account.

Wall Street Memes’ community benefits from an indirect link to the WallStreetBets subreddit. This subreddit played a significant role in the GameStop short squeeze, a market-rocking event two years ago

Now, Wall Street Memes’ team is looking to give back to the community by launching the $WSM token – allowing holders to benefit as the community grows.

Early investors can now buy $WSM tokens through the Wall Street Memes presale, which has raised over $2.7 million in just one week.

Clearly, Wall Street Memes stands as a beacon of potential amidst the current meme coin gloom – making it an exciting time to be a $WSM investor.

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AiDoge Redefining Meme Coin Landscape After Selling Out $15m Presale

Another meme coin that’s still making headway amidst the current market turmoil is AiDoge ($AI).

As its name suggests, AiDoge is an innovative meme coin that blends artificial intelligence (AI) concepts with a Doge-like theme – creating a unique and intriguing proposition for meme coin enthusiasts.

AiDoge’s flagship feature is its groundbreaking meme generator, which uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to create hilarious images using text-based prompts.

AiDoge users can easily capitalize on trending topics by instantly uploading these images to social media sites like Reddit and Twitter.


Per the project’s whitepaper, users can also earn tokenized rewards by uploading their memes to AiDoge’s public wall, where they will be voted on by other community members.

Central to the AiDoge ecosystem is $AI – the project’s native transactional token.

Users must buy $AI to use the meme generator, although many eager investors opted to purchase tokens through the project’s presale phase to gain financial exposure to AiDoge’s growth.

This led to AiDoge’s presale hitting its funding target of $14.9 million – although the development team is offering one final chance for investors to get involved before $AI is listed on major exchanges on June 19.

Investors can buy $AI through the project’s website for $0.0000336, which will be the token’s official listing price.

Visit AiDoge Website

Baby Doge Coin Acts as Beacon of Resilience for Investors

Lastly, Baby Doge Coin is also performing remarkably well, making it one of the few meme coins to post gains in the past week.

Per CoinGecko, Baby Doge Coin is up by 0.5 over the past seven days. Although this is a minor value increase, it’s a far cry from the sharp price drops experienced by most projects in the meme coin niche.

Moreover, $BABYDOGE is now the fifth-largest meme coin in the world, according to CoinMarketCap, boasting a market cap of nearly $300 million.


Naturally, most of the hype surrounding Baby Doge Coin is fuelled by its branding. Although it has no direct link to the Dogecoin project, many meme coin investors are opting to purchase tokens to capitalize on the association with $DOGE.

However, Baby Doge Coin is distinguishing itself with a focus on real-world utility. The project offers a custom-built DEX that allows community members to swap any token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Ultimately, the steady performance and rise in market cap of $BABYDOGE indicate that it’s captured the attention of meme coin lovers – making it an intriguing contender within the market.

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